The museum is now closed at its current location. Thanks to all our fans, friends and visitors who have made this project a success. Should the museum reopen in a new location further information shall be announced as available.

Welcome to the Hobby and Toy Museum page!

toy museum gundamHong Kong International Hobby and Toy Museum invites visitors to explore our exhibits of toys, models and pop culture collectibles in a comfortable and leisurely environment. Current exhibits include Toy Cars, Dolls, Action Figures, Cartoon Characters, Science Fiction Collectibles, Model Rockets, Space Toys, Anime, Classic Toys, movie memorabilia, and more. The museum also houses a robot section with the largest exhibit of Japanese Gundam robots on public display. The rotating collections includes items from many diverse countries, and the museum has welcomed visitors from around the world.

Hong Kong International Hobby and Toy Museum (香港國際玩具博物館) 是香港唯一的玩具博物館,歡迎各界人仕和遊客來欣賞玩具、模型和流行文化珍藏。展品有玩具車、娃娃、玩偶、卡通人物、科幻藏品、模型火箭、日本動畫、懷舊玩具 等。特別展廊包括皮克斯動畫人物、反斗車王閃電麥坤麥昆全球跑車大集滙、超級英雄Figure及全港最大高達和渣古機器人陳列。

Hong Kong International Hobby and Toy Museum(香港国際玩具博物館)おもちゃ、モデル、および大衆文化のコレクションを楽しむこと人士や観光客に歓迎されている香港で唯一のおもちゃの博物館です。出展のおもちゃの車、人形、漫画のキャラクター、SFの収集、モデルロケット、日本のアニメ、懐かしいおもちゃ。ピクサーアニメのキャラクター、ライトニングマックイーンマックイーン大型シンク、世界的なスポーツ、スーパーヒーロー図と香港最大のロボットの展示会までとザクを含む特別展示ギャラリー、。


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